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Your Support Team

Kisane Slaney PhD

Founder, Midlife Mummies - Weight Loss Coach



Welcome to Midlife Mummies!

We are proud to be able to support you on your postpartum journey.

Bringing a baby human into this world is the most amazing, wonderful experience imaginable. But taking that baby home and being responsible for keeping it alive and healthy is scary and challenging!

I’ve been there (see my Midlife Mama Story here) and remember the times when I thought I’d go nuts if I didn’t speak to another grownup!

No mobile or Facebook Groups way back when!

So a little about my background …

In my previous lives (post first career as a photographic model and then full-time mum for 13 years), I worked in the field of domestic violence prior to becoming a full-time Counsellor and then Senior Lecturer in Counselling at Curtin University in Western Australia.

After I retired, I went online and became an International Coach to Women Entrepreneurs.

I retired that life on the spot when my daughter Candice became quadriplegic after an accident. Candi had 5 strokes following the accident and was paralysed from the neck down.

We were blessed to have Candi with us for another precious seven years. Candi died in October 2019. I’m just grateful that she didn’t have to experience being involved with the disability sector during Covid-19 – an utter nightmare even under normal circumstances.

So now I’m back online with the team to bring you Midlife Mummies and our bespoke 4 diet programs.


Why Midlife Mummies?


Well, it was one of those ‘perfect storm’ experiences!

Elizabeth, my youngest daughter, had Indiana two years ago when she was 39. She had Chloe two years earlier when she was 37.

Following in her mama’s footsteps!

We include mamas 35 years upwards as our midlife mummies.

Then last September (2019) Katherine, my eldest daughter, had Kai two days after her 49th birthday!

Another midlife mama in the family!

So two midlife mamas with their mama (Moi!), ready to build another business online.

And then Carmel, who I’ve known for the past twenty-odd years, came back into my life and had since brought her amazing diet programs online.


With my concept of Midlife Mummies, Kate wanting to lose her postpartum weight and Carmel’s 20 plus years in the health and wellbeing/weight loss industries, it was a marriage made in heaven!

And so 4 of Carmel’s diet programs became part of Midlife Mummies.  We have the Lifestyle Diet, Yummy Mummy Diet, Breastfeeding Diet and have just added the Quick Weight Loss Diet, especially for you if you’re a mummy in a hurry!

You can check out 3 of the diets here.

Check out the Quick Weight Loss Diet here.

Best of all, when you join one of our diet programs you get our support for Free!

It’s the bonus for joining our programs and your support is on-going. As long as you need us, we’re here for you!

You also get to share Kate’s weight loss journey!

Liz is in the process of building her own online biz, but she will be sharing with you her experience of some of our amazing products.

Can’t wait to meet you and see the fabulous health, wellbeing and weight loss results you are going to achieve!

Kisane xxx

Mama to the Mamas



Carmel Nimmerrichter

Creator of Our 3 Diet Programs - Health & Wellbeing Coach



My aim is to help as many people as possible!

I have been a health educator for over 24 years now and have supported people to literally transform themselves – physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.  It’s all about giving choice!

I am passionate about getting to the core issues to improve overall wellbeing.

In terms of weight loss, I grew tired of seeing the wrong information out there in the myriad of weight loss programs worldwide.

Everyone seemed to be on the dieting merry-go-round and there wasn’t anything ‘merry’ about it!

In fact, people seemed to be going backward, as obesity grew out of control.

I knew that success, long-term success, is all about taking away the foods that cause inflammation.

We need essential ‘fuel’ for the Villi cells and we need to enhance the health of the Intestinal Wall.

Gut health is linked to everything, and it’s essential that we improve this area too.

So I’ve created our programs to target your core areas, so you can achieve your optimal health and have the energy and vitality to care for your beautiful baby!

If you would like to know some of the Ins & Outs of our diet programs go here

Check out the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions, such as “How Fast Will I Lose Weight?”, “Why Do We MONO Eat?”,  “What About Health Ailments?”, “Can I Exercise?” here

You’ll find me in our Facebook Group where I’ll answer all of your health-related questions!

See you soon!


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