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Happy mama & baby after dieting success!

Yummy Mummy Diet

Our Yummy Mummy Diet is perfect for mothers who have given birth to a beautiful little human and would like some help with losing weight after pregnancy.

Built upon our years of experience, our Yummy Mummy Diet will help you to lose your postpartum belly (or recover from a c-section delivery) and reshape your body to get back your waist!

And no, you don’t need to exercise, it’s the amazing re-shaping on this diet that works the magic!

This diet will change your life for the better and get you feeling the best you have felt in decades!

To make sure you are a healthy mama, we provide you with the best post-pregnancy diet ever. This includes food and shopping lists, meal plans and recipes, as well as our unique nutritional support, the secret sauce that makes this diet so successful for our mamas. And we will give you ongoing guidance to keep your body in optimal condition, whilst you are working on losing the baby weight.

Check out Cherie’s story, then click the button below to learn more about the Yummy Mummy Diet.


Not really living 


Intro: This lovely lady suffered from terrible headaches and overwhelming tiredness – her journey is truly inspiring. 

Hi all, I’m Cherie and as I am introducing myself I lay here in my bed with yet another crippling headache. I often have headaches and migraines, bloating, a terribly red face, and a mummy tummy to rival most! I am not overweight but I am definitely “sick”. I suffer from anxiety and depression just to top it off!

I found out about this program from Dot and I wasn’t sure at first, but the more she explained the more it sounded like something I just had to try.

Often I come home from work and I have to lay down, which makes me feel so bad for my kids. They are so used to it, it’s just normal for them. I’ve been this tired since I can remember, before kids, the last time I think I had surplus energy was when I was a kid myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I have about 10 kilos to lose as well, but for me, it’s about being the best mum and partner I can be. My package arrived today so I will be starting my journey tomorrow, and I cannot wait. I am so excited to be able to share my journey with you all too

Update: Re-Feed & Maintenance

So I successfully completed my Balance and now onto Re-Feed & Maintenance. I have always been a slim person, I used to weigh barely 50 kilos in my teenage/ early 20’s, but after having kids my weight ballooned to 64.5 kilos. I know to most that may not seems like a lot, but I was overweight, and I was sick, and I was OH SO TIRED! I have shed 7.5 kilos in 4 weeks and I am now down to 57kg. 

I feel great at this weight. I can fit into things I haven’t been able to fit into in years. I have energy for the first time in 10 years, and I have stopped getting the constant headaches I was suffering from. I feel like my life has just started after suffering for such a long time. So here I go, into Maintenance, and out come the weights! Now to tone, tone, tone!   

And Another Happy Yummy Mummy…

Wedding Photo Before & after Diet
Mother breastfeeding her baby whilst on Breastfeeding Diet

Breastfeeding Diet

Our Breastfeeding Diet is perfect for mamas like you, who are wanting to lose weight plus heal and nourish yourself whilst still breastfeeding.

It’s a demanding time for you, and we want to support you in as many ways as possible!

In addition to getting your eating plan and food lists, you get fantastic nutritional support in the form of our breastfeeding supplements. These unique supplements, the diet’s secret sauce, will maximise the health of your body as well as that of your baby!

As our duty of care, in order for you to participate in the Breastfeeding Diet, we require your General Practitioner’s medical certificate sign off. We supply you with the medical certificate.

Check out Amber’s story, then click the button below to learn more about the Breastfeeding Diet.




Another Breastfeeding Mummy Comment

Second baby


“Hi, my start date was 24th march and I weighed 64kg. I’m now 60.6kg, give or take, as I sometimes have more breast milk on some days. I have not done my measurement update but I’ve gone from size 14 to size 10. I increased my protein to 1800 calories at the start, now back down to 1500

Another change is I make chia pudding for breakfast, sometimes and eat oats for breakfast.

My belly flab is right down, thighs reduced heaps as that’s where I held most of my weight in the lower region.”

Thanks for sharing Amber.

Examples of two of our yummy breakfasts: Chia Pudding & Omelette & Avocado

Chai breakfast in bowl with strawberries
Omlette & avocado in pan
Happy mama on Lifestyle Diet with her baby

Lifestyle Diet

Our Lifestyle Diet is designed for you, midlife mummy, because we know you want to be healthy and live your life to the fullest potential. As an additional bonus, if you have a little baby weight to lose, you will be thrilled to see it slowly disappear!

By following a healthy diet and eating plan, complemented by nutritional support customized to provide for individual health requirements and goals, our Lifestyle Diet supports you to embrace healthy living by eating for health and taste. We want you looking and feeling your very best, from the inside out!

Other benefits you can look forward to on this unique healthy living plan may include:

  • Help to support and heal the gut
  • Boost metabolism
  • Target bad fat surrounding middle, thighs etc (adipose tissue fat)
  • Feel more energetic and revitalized
  • Clearer thinking
  • Reduce your appetite and cravings in the long term
  • Maintain a healthy weight

Read Claire’s story, then click the button below to learn more about the Lifestyle Diet …




Small loss but amazing changes

Intro: Many people don’t have big numbers to lose but are looking to improve their overall health. This is Claire’s story.


I started back on June 14 with only 5kg to lose. Losing weight wasn’t my motivation. I was more interested in improving my gut health.

To say I am happy with the program is an understatement!!! I’m no longer feeling bloated, constipation issues have almost disappeared and I have so much more energy!!

The weight loss has just been a bonus, especially as it has come off where I wanted it to, 6cm off my hips so far and 4cm from my waist and nothing off my bust.

And another happy mama…


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