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If you are a newly minted 35 plus mama, then you need the following to help you stay sane!


11 Confidence Boosting Tips For Awesome Midlife Mummies

  • Struggling with breastfeeding? Stress no more – got you covered!
  • Baby not sleeping & think you’re doing it all wrong? Not true, you just need to know what’s really going on with your baby.
  • Exhausted through lack of sleep? Well of course you are! But I’ve got a strategy to get you through the worst of it.
  • Need a way to soothe your baby to sleep and get stuff done at the same time? Yep, there’s a simple technique to do just that!

You need this!

Resource #2

Taking Care of Your Physical Health

As a mother 35 plus, your body needs support to reset, repair and rebalance after giving birth.

Giving birth to a baby is a huge deal and we know how to help you get your mojo back!

Maybe you also need to lose some baby weight?


Ta Da!

Lifestyle Diet, Yummy Mummy Diet, Breastfeeding & Quick Diet

  • Want the energy you had a decade ago?
  • Need the stamina to survive the day-to-day?
  • Like to get your waist back without any exercise?
  • Got something important coming up and need to lose weight in a hurry?

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Resource #3

Now for the mental health check…

  • Are you in the first couple of weeks postpartum?
  • Weepy, cranky and feel like shit?

Sounds like the Baby Blues, which suck.

Check out my post for the lowdown on what gives with the Baby Blues and get the 5-Point Survival Plan.






Resource #4

Are you a 40s mom? Take a look at your awesomeness!

Hi! I'm Kisane

Hi! I'm Kisane

Founder Midlife Mummies

Back in the dark ages, I was considered a very late starter when I had my first baby at twenty-nine!

I was thirty-seven when we had our youngest daughter Elizabeth.

And now, two of my daughters have followed in my ‘midlife mummy’ footsteps!

Elizabeth had her eldest daughter Chloe at 37 (in the photo with me) and Indiana two years ago at 39.

My eldest daughter Katherine had Kai, her first baby, in September last year (2019) two days after her 49th birthday!

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Kisane xxx

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